Ohio State #33 Jersey on Facebook

33 has decided to show up again! This time on my facebook account. A close friend of mine participated in a race over the Thanksgiving holiday and decided to wear this Ohio State Buckeyes #33  James Lauriniaitis Jersey. Given that it was an OSU vs. Michigan themed race, it isn’t too strange that she chose to wear a jersey. I can even accept that she chose #33.

This 33 encounter isn’t extremely unnatural, however it is just another example of how 33 has made its way into my life again! She could have decided to wear another OSU shirt, or decided not to post it online. I could have maybe not looked at facebook that day. Nope, all these things aligned so that I would login to facebook at just the right time to see this photo with a big 33 in it…bang, smack…right at the top of my news feed.

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