Do You See 33?

I went to Sam’s Club with my parents yesterday so that I could pick a few things up myself. My mom handed me some garbage bags to put in the cart and when I looked at the box I saw they were 33 gallon bags. Amazing!

I have been hearing from quite a few people who are experiencing the same 33 phenomenon that I am. It makes me wonder if there is some kind of force which is attempting to direct everyone’s attention towards something and a few people are starting to realize it.

The majority of the people I have talked to seem to be seeing the number 33 on digital clocks and in print (such as newspapers). That’s where I think it is the easiest to recognize, so that is where you first start seeing it. That’s how it first started for me and then I started to see it other places and then was able to tie it into many of the major numbers of my life (ie. birth date, social security number, college id number, passport number, etc.).

Obviously, the majority of you reading this are probably experiencing the number 33 phenomenon too or you wouldn’t have found this site. How did it start for you? When did you first start noticing it? Is the number 33 in any of your life numbers, like it is in mine?

Let me know. It’s interesting to hear others experiences!

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