Confirmation Bias?

I have had several people tell me that my experience with seeing the number 33 as often is I do, is confirmation bias at work.

For those who don’t remember what confirmation bias is, it refers to type of selective thinking whereby one tends to notice and to look for what confirms one’s beliefs, and to ignore, not look for, or undervalue the relevance of what contradicts ones beliefs.

In other words, my skeptics believe that I am looking for the number 33 and that is why I am seeing it so much. They think that during a regular day I come across hundreds of different numbers, many of which I would see more than once, however I do not document their appearance on a blog.

I certainly appreciate feedback from people and would never be ignorant enough to believe that there is no way the confirmation bias is at play here.  I am always open to others opinions. One thing I know for sure is that there is a definite presence of the number 33 in my life. I have looked for other number patterns as well and have not recognized one as prevalent as the number 33. 11:11 is seen occasionally but not daily.

In my opinion, I am not seeking out a 33 pattern. When a 33 sighting occurs it isn’t like seeing the number 23 or 77 or 80. The number 33 evokes a strange feeling within me, one that makes me recognize there is supposed to be a pattern to get my attention. Why? I have no idea…yet!

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