The Traveling 33!

33 has provenĀ  itself inescapable, again! This weekend I traveled out of state to visit a long time friend. While visiting my friend, the number 33 clearly made itself know many, many times. It popped up in many places and when I could, I documented them. Some of my encounters with the number 33 did not allow for me to take pictures. Two such encounters with the number 33 happened while driving on the highway. I saw the number on billboards. Once at the end of a phone number and once as a big lotto ball. These were obviously impossible to photograph for safety reasons. Some of the pictures I was able to take are shown in this post.

The wine bottle pictured in this post was taken at a shopping mall. I was browsing for Christmas gifts in this unique store that took natural, earth made products, like rocks, and turned them into these great products. The wine bottle was used as a prop for this Rock Cork the store was selling. So why did they choose 337 wine? Why did I happen to see it?

Next up is a another unique gift I saw at a store the next day located 40 miles away from the mall were the 337 wine bottle was spotted. This gift was coasters that were cut from 33 LP albums. 33 Lp’s get their 33 name because they spin at 33 1/3 revolutions per minute. So I get that 33 would not be uncommon to see when looking at these albums, say in a record store. However, I wasn’t in a record store. I was in a gift shop. So why did I have to spot these creative little coasters?

After shopping for several hours my friend and I decide to stop by a pizza place to get something to eat. I ordered 1 slice of cheese pizza and a Nestle bottled water. After paying, the cashier hands me my receipt and I check out the totals, as I always do, to make sure I wasn’t overcharged for anything. Surprise, surprise!! The tax I was charged for these two little items was exactly 33 cents! Now, what is the probability of that happening? There were many other items on the menu and over 10 different types of bottled beverages. But I happen to order the two items together that would allow for the tax to come to 33 cents. As a side note, the state I was in does not tax food. So the 6% tax I was charged was a restaurant service charge.

After arriving back to my friends apartment after our day of shopping, we decided since it was a long day we would stay in and watch a movie. While I was choosing a movie to watch, my friend was preparing some snacks to have while we watched the movie. He had brought over a bag of snack mix and right at the top of the bag, in big black letters, it stated the bag had “33% More Free”.

Many of you may choose to write-off all of these 33 sightings as insignificant or my brain just picking out what I want to see. I don’t blame you. Earlier in my life, I would have also. However, until a number starts appearing many times a day, everyday, in strange and in-your-face places, you will have no idea how odd it really is.