A Biblical 33

First  off, I am not a religious person. I consider myself spiritual, in the sense that I believe there is an order and a purpose for things that occur. I believe everyone has a spirit (soul) and each one of us on this planet are having a “human” experience. I believe most of what the Bible has to say is true. Insofar as the people telling the stories believed what they were experiencing was so important that they felt they need to document it. With that said, I don’t think we are even a little bit close to understanding the true meaning of the stories in the Bible. We are attempting to understand them with the knowledge we are limited to today. Just as the people telling the stories in the Bible were limited by the knowledge they had at the time.  Many people would disagree with my opinion and I respect that.

Now that I have my beliefs somewhat laid out, I should also say that I believe in synchronicity and spiritual guidance (which both may be one in the same for all I know). Because of this belief, I have started to consider that my experience with number 33 may be a way to guide me in a certain direction in my life or at least a way to direct my attention at something I should be paying attention to.

Yesterday, while I was on the internet, I logged into my personal Twitter account and was browsing tweets from people I am following on there. While browsing I came across a tweet from someone that posted:

Jeremiah 33.3 Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.

While reading the words of this Bible verse I felt a strong connection to them, as if there was a whole chain of events that were put into place so that I would read these specific words at that very moment. To make it even more interesting, I immediately looked at the clock and the time just happened to be 12:33 pm. It seems completely unbelievable, I’m sure, but please believe me when I say it is 100% true.

I don’t fully (or even partially) understand the meaning of this “33” encounter, but I do know that  I have a very hard time believing this one is just a coincidence!

33 on History

I was watching the latest episode of Ancient Aliens on the History channel today and about half way through the show, the ever-present number 33 showed up.

If you are not familiar with the show, it attempts to make the case that in ancient times extraterrestrials visited the Earth and played a part in shaping our history.  This last episode discussed our historical concept of angels and whether or not our ancestors could have mistaken extraterrestrials as heavenly entities or “angels”.

The number 33 is mentioned in this episode in reference to the 33rd parallel coincidence. The show briefly discusses that the Roswell crash and the transfiguration of Jesus on Mount Hermon both occurred on this 33rd parallel. In the book of Enoch, Mount Hermon is where the “Watcher” class of fallen angels descended to Earth. In fact, although not mentioned in the show, the 33rd parallel has a lot of mysterious stuff going on. Look into and you’ll see. Here is a good article to get you started > Click Me.