33 Is Everywhere

In case you are wondering why such a site like this one exists, it is because the number 33 is stalking me! Almost every time I look at the clock it reads either :33, 3:03, or some variation of 33 such as 12:21, 12:12, 11:22, 10:23, etc. In addition to this, the number appears in other various places throughout a regular day for me. I will see the number in newspapers, on television, on products, on license plates, signs, etc. My birthday is on December 21 (12.21 are added up to equal 33). My social security number ends in 33. My college ID has a 33 in it. I know, I know…it undoubtedly sounds as if I have fallen off my rocker and picked up a mild case of paranoid schizophrenia, or for some reason have developed an unnatural affinity for the number 33. However, I assure you I’m not crazy nor go around in my life developing odd, intentional relationships with numbers! The truth is the number is inescapable. I have tried to go through a normal day without seeing the number and it has proved nearly impossible.

I have come to the conclusion that there is some kind of meaning I am to draw from this 33 experience. That is why I have decided to create this site to document the unnatural proliferation of the number 33 in my life.

Many of the 33’s that are presented to me are not done so on a large scale. They are usually very subtle, such as my 33 clock phenomenon. Because I see these subtle 33’s many times a day, I will refrain from posting about these on a regular basis to avoid repetition. I will however keep the site updated with the larger, more obvious 33s that appear in my life as well as with interesting facts that relate to the number 33 I find along the way!

Stay tuned and please if you share a similar experience with the number 33 let me know. I am always interested in hearing other peoples stories on the number 33!