11/11/11 = 33

Happy 11/11/11!

Some people believe this day is special because of the unique date! I read online that many people are getting married today and some women are having c-sections so that their children will be born on this special date!

I find this day interesting because the numbers in the date add to 33! The number that has long been following me for some unknown reason.

Today I received an email from GoDaddy with their “Best Offer Ever”, which is an offer for 33% off my next order. They too see the importance of 33 on 11/11/11! Sure, they are using it as a marketing gimmick but still it’s interesting.

I also received an email today from someone who asked me if I was still seeing the number 33 on a regular basis. I wondered if they sent the email today because it was 11/11/11 and or if it happened by chance.

Well, that’s all for this update! I’m heading out to buy a lottery ticket! 🙂

Quick Update on 33

A picture my friend sent to me of his GPS

I haven’t posted since February, so I wanted to give you a quick update. The number 33 is still a daily part of my life. Pretty much nothing has changed, I see it everywhere. What is interesting is my sister and friend have now told me that they are experiencing this 33 phenomenon. They both are seeing it several times a day they tell me. One of them, I think, believes it is the confirmation bias at work, however the other believes it is something more.

It is very interesting to see this happen to them, especially because they both didn’t quite believe me that I was seeing the number 33 as often as I was.

I will post more about their experiences soon.

Also, I’m reading about a connection to the number 33 and Shakespeare. I will be sure to let you guys know more about this too!

33 is my Valentine

I apologize for the long break between my last post and this one.  I know I said I would try really hard to post every week, however, I have been crazy busy these last few weeks!

Although there has been a long break between posts, the number 33 has not taken a break in my life.  I still see the number many times a day. One of the encounters was on a price tag for Valentine’s Day heart candies (pictured). Two packs of these candies were purchased for my little nephews and I didn’t look at the price tags on them until I got home.

Additionally, another price tag that happened to be 33 was observed at Wal-Mart, in the produce section. Their oranges happened to be 33 cents.

These are the only two pictures I have for this post. I apologize that they aren’t the best photos to share. I will try to make more of an effort to get pictures of some of my more exciting encounters with 33.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Don’t Question 33!

This past week I had not seen the number 33 as much as I have been on a daily basis. I did see it everyday, but just not as much as usual. I recognized this last night as I was going to bed and looked at the clock at 11:34pm. It was very odd and slightly refreshing to look at a clock to see that I had just missed a 33 encounter. I have not seen a :34 for a very long time!

While trying to fall asleep I began to think that I haven’t seen the number 33 as much as I usually do on a weekly basis. I thought maybe my experience with the number 33 was starting to come to an end. When I was almost asleep, I heard a noise outside that pulled me out of my semi-asleep trance. I looked at the clock and it was 11:48. It had only been about 10 minutes since I last looked. However, I then looked at the clock on my dvd player (which hasn’t been set to the correct time) and it read 6:33!

I went to sleep and an hour or so later, my phone’s email alert woke me up. I don’t usually wake up to my phone’s alerts but this time I did. I wasn’t going to check the email at first but then I was having trouble falling asleep so I just thought I’d check it. It was an email from Twitter saying that I had a new follower on my personal Twitter account. And guess what number they had in their twitter username? 33?! Yep…sure thing! Their twitter username ended in the number 33. Very strange! It wouldn’t have been that weird if they were following this website’s Twitter account, since this website is all about the number 33. But it wasn’t this site’s twitter account! It was my personal twitter account that has nothing to do with 33.

I was able to fall asleep again for a little bit only to wake up and look at the clock at exactly 3:33 am! Three 33’s in such a short time signified something. Was it because I had questioned earlier in the night if my 33 encounters were coming to an end? I don’t know but something is going on.

Don’t worry…I’m very aware that I sound absolutely crazy! Maybe I am! I guess I don’t really know for sure. There’s no way around it! 33 is abundant in my life and it is here to stay for now.

Do You See 33?

I went to Sam’s Club with my parents yesterday so that I could pick a few things up myself. My mom handed me some garbage bags to put in the cart and when I looked at the box I saw they were 33 gallon bags. Amazing!

I have been hearing from quite a few people who are experiencing the same 33 phenomenon that I am. It makes me wonder if there is some kind of force which is attempting to direct everyone’s attention towards something and a few people are starting to realize it.

The majority of the people I have talked to seem to be seeing the number 33 on digital clocks and in print (such as newspapers). That’s where I think it is the easiest to recognize, so that is where you first start seeing it. That’s how it first started for me and then I started to see it other places and then was able to tie it into many of the major numbers of my life (ie. birth date, social security number, college id number, passport number, etc.).

Obviously, the majority of you reading this are probably experiencing the number 33 phenomenon too or you wouldn’t have found this site. How did it start for you? When did you first start noticing it? Is the number 33 in any of your life numbers, like it is in mine?

Let me know. It’s interesting to hear others experiences!

A 33 Here and There

I have decided to update this blog once a week…most likely on Thursday or Friday of each week!

In this post I would like to share two recent encounters with the number 33. First off is the check I received for graphic design work I recently completed. The check number was 3228833. This is the 3rd time in the last 3 months that I have received a check which number ended in 33!

My other encounter took place while I was leaving feedback for an buyer on eBay. This buyer had purchased an item several weeks ago and I still had yet to leave feedback for her. This buyer emailed me and requested that I leave her positive feedback for the transaction. The date and time I received the email was Sat, Jan 8, 2011 at 11:33 PM. I logged into eBay and navigated to her feedback page to leave her feedback. On her feedback page her seller feedback was visible and under each criteria her number of ratings were 33.

The abundance of 33’s in this eBay encounter made it obvious there was more to it than just a coincidence.

How very strange!

A Biblical 33

First  off, I am not a religious person. I consider myself spiritual, in the sense that I believe there is an order and a purpose for things that occur. I believe everyone has a spirit (soul) and each one of us on this planet are having a “human” experience. I believe most of what the Bible has to say is true. Insofar as the people telling the stories believed what they were experiencing was so important that they felt they need to document it. With that said, I don’t think we are even a little bit close to understanding the true meaning of the stories in the Bible. We are attempting to understand them with the knowledge we are limited to today. Just as the people telling the stories in the Bible were limited by the knowledge they had at the time.  Many people would disagree with my opinion and I respect that.

Now that I have my beliefs somewhat laid out, I should also say that I believe in synchronicity and spiritual guidance (which both may be one in the same for all I know). Because of this belief, I have started to consider that my experience with number 33 may be a way to guide me in a certain direction in my life or at least a way to direct my attention at something I should be paying attention to.

Yesterday, while I was on the internet, I logged into my personal Twitter account and was browsing tweets from people I am following on there. While browsing I came across a tweet from someone that posted:

Jeremiah 33.3 Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.

While reading the words of this Bible verse I felt a strong connection to them, as if there was a whole chain of events that were put into place so that I would read these specific words at that very moment. To make it even more interesting, I immediately looked at the clock and the time just happened to be 12:33 pm. It seems completely unbelievable, I’m sure, but please believe me when I say it is 100% true.

I don’t fully (or even partially) understand the meaning of this “33” encounter, but I do know that  I have a very hard time believing this one is just a coincidence!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope everyone had a splendid holiday season! I did! However, I am glad for the holidays to be over. I’m ready for spring and warm weather to arrive!

I’ve seen the number 33 many, many times over the holidays. More smaller encounters than larger, odd sightings though. The picture shown in this post was taken at Wal-Mart when I stopped to pick up a few things. There are bunches of these price signs at Wal-Mart all over the store but I rarely see numbers like 33. They are usually numbers like $10 (pictured in the background), $25, and $35 , etc. So I found this 33 a little out of place.

My new years resolution is to update this blog more often with my encounters with 33. So stay tuned for updates!

Happy 2K11!

The Traveling 33!

33 has proven  itself inescapable, again! This weekend I traveled out of state to visit a long time friend. While visiting my friend, the number 33 clearly made itself know many, many times. It popped up in many places and when I could, I documented them. Some of my encounters with the number 33 did not allow for me to take pictures. Two such encounters with the number 33 happened while driving on the highway. I saw the number on billboards. Once at the end of a phone number and once as a big lotto ball. These were obviously impossible to photograph for safety reasons. Some of the pictures I was able to take are shown in this post.

The wine bottle pictured in this post was taken at a shopping mall. I was browsing for Christmas gifts in this unique store that took natural, earth made products, like rocks, and turned them into these great products. The wine bottle was used as a prop for this Rock Cork the store was selling. So why did they choose 337 wine? Why did I happen to see it?

Next up is a another unique gift I saw at a store the next day located 40 miles away from the mall were the 337 wine bottle was spotted. This gift was coasters that were cut from 33 LP albums. 33 Lp’s get their 33 name because they spin at 33 1/3 revolutions per minute. So I get that 33 would not be uncommon to see when looking at these albums, say in a record store. However, I wasn’t in a record store. I was in a gift shop. So why did I have to spot these creative little coasters?

After shopping for several hours my friend and I decide to stop by a pizza place to get something to eat. I ordered 1 slice of cheese pizza and a Nestle bottled water. After paying, the cashier hands me my receipt and I check out the totals, as I always do, to make sure I wasn’t overcharged for anything. Surprise, surprise!! The tax I was charged for these two little items was exactly 33 cents! Now, what is the probability of that happening? There were many other items on the menu and over 10 different types of bottled beverages. But I happen to order the two items together that would allow for the tax to come to 33 cents. As a side note, the state I was in does not tax food. So the 6% tax I was charged was a restaurant service charge.

After arriving back to my friends apartment after our day of shopping, we decided since it was a long day we would stay in and watch a movie. While I was choosing a movie to watch, my friend was preparing some snacks to have while we watched the movie. He had brought over a bag of snack mix and right at the top of the bag, in big black letters, it stated the bag had “33% More Free”.

Many of you may choose to write-off all of these 33 sightings as insignificant or my brain just picking out what I want to see. I don’t blame you. Earlier in my life, I would have also. However, until a number starts appearing many times a day, everyday, in strange and in-your-face places, you will have no idea how odd it really is.

Ring, Ring!! 33 is Calling!

I received a call from a company twice in the last few days with a phone number that ends in 33!

They had the wrong number the first time and so the second time I was a little surprised they called back.

This 33 experience doesn’t get classified as super strange and if the company wouldn’t have called back a second time I wouldn’t have even posted about it.

As I said before, they’re lots of these little 33 sightings throughout a regular day for me so this blog would be redundant if I posted every single one.